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2019 IDPH Legislative Update - Pre-session Preview

14 Jan 2019 4:24 PM | Lara Marsh (Administrator)

Welcome back to the Iowa Department of Public Health Legislative Update!

Upcoming newsletters will include:

  • Regular updates, including quick links on news, events and developments at the Capitol 
  • Bill tracking updates 
  • Sharing of informational resources including Legislative Services Agency (LSA) updates, fact sheets and more

Tools for Keeping Up-to-Date

LSA offers a variety of subscriptions and tracking tools to watch and track bills here. Videos on using these tools are here and here. Find your legislators and House and Senate leadership here. Details on committees are posted here. Learn what's happening in the chambers here.

Quick Session Timetable

January 14 - First day of session

March 8 - First funnel week ends

April 5 - Second funnel week ends

April 8 -12 - Senate considers only House bills, joint resolutions, and unfinished business - House considers only Senate bills, joint resolutions, and unfinished business

April 15 - Only certain bills and resolutions are eligible for consideration. Find a listing at the full 2019 session timetable here

May 3 - 110th calendar day of the session

IDPH Policy Proposals for 2019 Session

DOC Barbering Apprenticeship

This proposal would allow incarcerated Iowans to gain professional skills and licensure so that they may have more opportunities for success when re-entering communities upon release.

Massage Therapy Licensing - Penalties

This proposal would criminalize the unlicensed practice of massage therapy to a serious misdemeanor to be consistent with similar criminal provisions for the unlicensed practice of other professions. This is aimed at protecting public health and allowing law enforcement more tools when encountering suspected human trafficking or prostitution.

IDPH Budget Requests for FY20 & FY21

Pilot Project

A request for reallocation of $300,000 from Chronic Conditions to Community Capacity is requested to fund pilot projects focused on addressing issues in the public health delivery system. Funding would be used for temporary staffing and supporting local public health resource needs for projects identified by local public health administrators. Workforce development and performance management strategies would be used. Additional funds may be requested.

Technology Support

A request for $796,800 would upgrade the AMANDA database management system that is used for licensing with a public portal that covers over twenty programs in the Division of Acute Disease Prevention, Emergency Response, and Environmental Health, the Division of Administration and Professional Licensure, the Iowa Board of Medicine, the Iowa Board of Nursing and the Iowa Dental Board. This project would include an upgrade to the current version and the transition of five disparate public licensing websites into a single website with a more modern and ADA accessible public portal front end.

Meet our New Liaison

Amy McCoy joined IDPH in October. She has worked in government and communications for nearly two decades. Amy began her career as a reporter with The AP, covering the Iowa Statehouse and state and national politics. She also served as communications director for Iowa’s largest state government agency and a Top 50 private company. Amy is excited to join IDPH and work with legislators and partners on policies that help protect and improve the health of Iowans. She is available at amy.mccoy@idph.iowa.gov and at 515-281-8960 (O) and 515-240-0530 (C). 

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