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Two NP related bills signed by the Governor

07 Apr 2014 7:45 AM | Lara Marsh (Administrator)
  • SF 2120 was signed by Governor Branstad on March 26th and becomes effective on July 1, 2014. HF 2120 is the bill proposed by the Iowa Board of Nursing to allow advanced registered nurse practitioners to use the abbreviation "ARNP"  as an abbreviation for the profession and to use it on name badges, etc.  There is an Iowa code section where medical professionals are given the legal right to use appropriate abbreviations.  ARNP had been inadvertently left out of this code section.

  • SF 2257 was signed by Governor Branstad on April 3rd and becomes law on July1, 2014. SF 2257 makes a number of changes to the rural Iowa  primary care loan repayment program. Under the bill, the  program agreement must be entered into by an eligible student during the student’s final year of study, rather than when the  student begins the curriculum. The current requirement of 60 consecutive months of service is changed to five consecutive  years of service and a corresponding change is made relating  to the total amount of loan repayment during the period of  service. Currently, the 20 agreements that may be entered into  annually are divided between the two eligible universities  unless there are fewer than eligible applicants from a  university. The bill modifies this provision to provide that if there are fewer applicants at one eligible university, eligible applicants enrolled in other universities may be awarded the remaining agreements. However, the eligible  institutions are still limited under the bill to the university of Iowa and Des Moines university.
    Similar changes are made to the rural Iowa advanced  registered nurse practitioner and physician assistant loan repayment program, except that the institutional eligibility  is expanded to include regents universities and accredited  private postsecondary institutions, rather than just the University of Iowa and Des Moines university; the provision  requiring a student to receive a doctorate of nursing practice  degree or a masters of physician assistant studies degree is  modified to require that the student receive a graduate-level  credential qualifying the recipient for a license to practice  as an advanced registered nurse practitioner or a physician assistant; and the provision limiting to 15 the number of  agreements which may be entered into annually is amended to provide an exception if surplus funds are available.

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