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IDPH Legislative Update - Feb. 3, 2014

03 Feb 2014 5:13 PM | Lara Marsh (Administrator)

In this issue:

·        Update: IDPH’s 2014 Legislative Package – IHIN Bill hits a snag in the Senate

·        Lyme Disease Task Force advances

·        Subcommittees attended: Alternative Vapor Products, Sleep Tech Licensure, Required reporting to IRIS

·        Highlights for next week: HHS presentations by IDPH staff, IHIN Bill sub in the House


The Third Week

Here are some highlights from the week:


IDPH Legislative Package

·        IDPH has three bills for the 2014 session:

·        One bill pertains to the Iowa Health Information Network (IHIN) that is administered by the IDPH Office of e-Health. The bill is proposing to expand eligibility for the query function service that the IHIN provides. The service is used to query participants (any entity that has signed a participation agreement with the Office of e-Health) in the IHIN for a patient’s health information. Examples of when the service may be used include but are not limited to when the patient is unable to remember their full medical history or during an off-hour emergency. Each participant is vetted through a strict approval process before gaining access to the IHIN.


UPDATE: The subcommittee of Senators Herman Quirmbach (chair), Mary Jo Wilhelm, and Nancy Boettgerheld a meeting on SSB 3042 on Thursday, January 30. The bill is unopposed and supported by entities like the Iowa Hospital Association and Iowa Medicaid. The subcommittee would like more information on how well patient health information is protected by electronic health records in general and in the methods of their exchange as they relate to the IHIN query tool. IDPH will provide more information as it relates to the IHIN’s privacy and security policies and processes. For more information about the goals of this legislation please see the attached PowerPoint.


UPDATE: HSB 526 has been assigned to a subcommittee of Representatives Linda Miller(chair), Marti Anderson, and Stan Gustafson. The subcommittee has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 4 at 9:00 in the House Lobby Lounge.


·        UPDATE: SSB 3013passed the Senate Human Resources Committee unanimously on Wednesday, January 29 and without amendments. The new bill number is SF 2083 and it will now be eligible for debate on the Senate floor. The change the Board of Dietetics (under the IDPH Bureau of Professional Licensure) is proposing is consistent with the change in name of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), and includes the name of the AND credentialing agency, the Commission on Dietetic Registration. The bill is technical in nature.


·        HSB 528 is the House companion bill to the Board of Dietetics bill. It was introduced on January 22 and was assigned to the House Human Resources Committee. It has been assigned to a subcommittee of Representatives Rob Bacon(chair), Marti Anderson, and Kevin Koester. A subcommittee meeting has not been scheduled as of this writing.


·        SSB 3014  is the IDPH Omnibus Bill and was introduced in the Senate on January 15 and was referred to the Senate Human Resources Committee. The subcommittee of Senators Mary Jo Wilhelm(chair), Bill Dotzler, and David Johnsonmet on Thursday, January 23 and will recommend passage of the bill to the Senate Human Resources Committee. Amendments were introduced to the bill from outside stakeholders however it is not clear as of this writing what will be included in the subcommittee’s recommendation.


·        To understand how a bill moves through the legislative process, click here.


Other Highlights

·        SF 2009  An Act establishing a Lyme disease task force. This bill passed the Senate Human Resources Committee on Wednesday, January 29 with an amendment to narrow the scope of the focus of the task force to the topic of chronic Lyme disease. The new bill number is SF 2090 and incorporates the amended language. For more information on Lyme disease please click here. 
Subcommittees attended:

·        HSB 530 is a bill that requires any entity or person administering a vaccine or immunization to report its administration directly to the statewide Immunization Registry Information System (IRIS) within 30 days following the administration of the vaccine. After much discussion, it was decided that the bill was unnecessary at this time and will not move forward.


·        HSB 566 and SSB 3101 are companion bills that relate to the regulation of alternative nicotine products and vapor products. The bills define “alternative nicotine products” and “vapor products” separately from cigarettes and tobacco products under Iowa Code Chapter 453A. They also prohibit the sale and use of these products to minors under the age of eighteen. There was a healthy debate on the definitions provided for in the bill however all of the groups represented agreed on the age limitations. Each bill passed its respective subcommittee but conversations are occurring regarding possible amendments if consensus can be reached on the points of contention.


·        SSB 3057 is a bill that requires the licensure of polysomnographic technologists, sometimes referred to as sleep techs, under the purview of IDPH’s Bureau of Professional Licensure. The sleep techs would be added to the Board of Respiratory Care to become the Board of Respiratory Care and Polysomnography.  The bill passed the subcommittee level and will be recommended for passage to the Senate State Government Committee with an amendment.


Highlights for Next Week:

        Presentations. Gretchen Hageman, Chief for the Bureau of Family Health has been invited to present to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Joint Appropriations Subcommittee on the IDPH 1st Five Program on Tuesday, February 4. The presentation is one of several on children’s mental health services in Iowa. The 1st Five Program received an increase in funding for FY 2014 to expand its coverage in current locations and to expand the program into unserved areas. IDPH is proud of the work that Gretchen, her staff, and our local partners have accomplished to date and look forward to the opportunity to share information with our legislative partners.


IDPH Interim Director Gerd Clabaugh will also appear again in front of the HHS Subcommittee on Thursday, February 6. He will be providing an update on the medical residency training program. This program is a priority of the Governor’s and a new program in IDPH that received a $2.0 million appropriation for in FY 2014. The Governor has recommended additional funding of $1.0 million for FY 2015. This update is one of several program updates scheduled for that day. Others include the Regional Autism Services Program administered by the Child Health Specialty Clinics and the work of the Iowa Poison Control Center.


Other Information

  • ·        Mark Your Calendar. The funnel dates in each chamber have been moved up two weeks as part of the joint effort to end session early. First funnel is now scheduled for February 21 and the second funnel is now scheduled for March 14.  To view the updated session timeline please click here.


  • ·        The Iowa General Assembly website is a great source of legislative information. The address is www.legis.iowa.gov . Take a few minutes to check out the wealth of resources.


The Legislative Update is also posted on the IDPH website at http://www.idph.state.ia.us/adper/legislative_updates.asp  . To subscribe to the IDPH Legislative Update, please send a blank email to join-IDPHLEGUPDATE@lists.ia.gov


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